Noisey Predicts Andrew Will Save Rock ‘N’ Roll In 2013

Making predictions is tricky and even though Noisey‘s Drew Millard is no psychic, he seems to be in tune with what 2013 has in store for us. Looks like a lot of partying!

Andrew W.K. Will Save Rock & Roll

It’s no secret, we love the fuck out of Andrew W.K. And why wouldn’t we? He’s got the ultimate positive attitude, he’s genius-level smart, he’s mysterious in all the right ways and he parties harder than wurtzite boron nitride. His first album I Get Wet is a top-to-bottom classic, but in recent years he’s scaled his sound down out of the stadium and firmly back into weirdo territory, and weirdness is always the best. As one of the owners of Santos Party House, he’s one of the patron saints of the New York City music scene, and if you’ve ever heard an Andrew W.K. song in your life you know what it means to want to punch through a brick wall. Meanwhile, rock radio is broken, nearly beyond the point of recognition. When the most popular band of the year is fun., whose music is “Rock & Roll” in that it is created with guitars and drums and seems to be influenced by Coldplay in some capacity but lacks important things like “soul” or “edge” or “non-terribleness.” Meanwhile, Andrew’s music has only gotten better with age. Less populist, sure, but he can write the fuck out of a song and can knock the world on its ass with rock at the drop of a hat. Rock & Roll needs Andrew W.K. more than it ever has, and there’s not really a question as to whether he can step up to the plate and save it.