NME: Andrew Air Drums To Napalm Death

Andrew W.K. Drumming to Napalm Death is the Fitness Routine You Need in Your Life

NME | By Nick Reilly

You have to hand it to Andrew W.K., he’s been partying hard ever since his 2001 song implored us to do exactly that.

But how does he have the relentless energy to do so in 2018, a whole 17 years later?

The answer is simple, it’s his ability to air-drum a note perfect rendition of Napalm Death’s ‘Extremity Related’ – as he so effortlessly proved during a recent visit to the NME basement.

Sure, air drumming is “unconventional exercise” by Andrew’s own admission, but it could still be the fitness kick that you need in your life.

“It’s very vigorous, it’s very strenuous and in my opinion it doesn’t just only count as aerobic exercise and a real cardio workout, it also counts as partying”, the man himself explained.

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