NEW VIDEO: The Andrew W.K. Workout Plan Is Way Partier Than Insanity!

Andrew and the good people at Fatawesome have created the ultimate party exercise program, called, of course, “The Andrew W.K. Workout Plan.” In this new infomercial video, Andrew and his amazing students show you how partying hard can push your body past limits previously unknown to mankind. This is, beyond a doubt, not only the most intense workout plan ever released to the public, it’s also by far the partiest workout of all time.

The Andrew W.K. Workout Plan is so versatile and comprehensive that it can be done at home, at work, in the car, in a public restroom, in the shower, or even in outer space! ***WARNING: You may experience severe exhaustion, low level brain damage, death, and extreme levels of joy while using the Andrew W.K. Workout Plan. Please always consult your physician or the King of Partying before beginning any party of such extremely hard density.***