NEW VIDEO: Andrew Parties On The Streets Of NYC And Gets Very Fresh + Sexy!

Andrew recently teamed up with Playtex to promote Fresh + Sexy intimate wipes, which help men and women keep their special parts especially fresh and party. FUSE TV took to the streets with Andrew to bring them directly to the public! Watch the Fuse News clip here or above as Andrew points out that while people are often fresh or sexy, they’re not often both at the same time—and that’s where these wipes come into play. “You can already be fresh, but this will increase your sexiness,” W.K. says to Josh, a random dude he accosted on the streets of New York. “Or you could already be sexy, but this will increase your freshness. If you were somehow—and this is once in a million years—fresh and sexy, well, now you have two wipes to clean up with afterward.”