NEW VIDEO: Andrew And Lil BUB Can’t Stop Partying!

Andrew’s on-going party times with world famous Lil BUB just won’t stop! In yet another special video, Lil BUB has invited Andrew to be her guest on the newest episode of “Lil BUB’s Big Show.” Andrew sings to BUB, discusses partying and purring, and then plays a magical game of hide and seek! Check out the full episode above or by clicking HERE.

After almost 2 years of non-stop fun, Andrew and Lil Bub have become true friends and have partied together with a spirit of positivity, purity, science, and magic many times now.

Andrew also recently starred in Lil BUB‘s Special Special on Animal Planet, alongside Lil BUB herself, Amy Sedaris, and the late Colonel Meow! In case you missed it, the whole show is available for download right HERE on iTunes. Andrew also made an appearance on Lil BUB’s birthday celebration and sang her Happy Birthday, right after Lil BUB stopped by Andrew’s world record drumathon session at MTV to wish him luck! The two also paired up to send out a special message with a holiday video last year. Enjoy all three of of these videos below!

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