NEW REVIEW: Andrew’s Party Metal DJ Set

Andrew W.K. Opens For Heavy Metal Legends Black Sabbath!

I have been reading a ton of negative criticism in regards to Andrew W.K.’s opening DJ set while out on the road with Black Sabbath and I have to say, I did not think it was that bad at all! The key word and aspect to keep in mind is that it was indeed a DJ set!! Hence, that means Andrew W.K. was behind the board spinning some awesome rock and metal tunes, adding his own twist to some, and gearing up the crowd for the legendary Black Sabbath. There is nothing wrong with that, and I would much rather see and hear someone playing/spinning the tunes live, than either a) sitting through some half-rate band playing songs no one has heard of or b) the venue’s recycled mix of ambient noise music that in no way gears up the crowd for the evenings headliners.

I have even been reading a bunch of complaints about Black Sabbath’s performance, as well, and again I have to disagree! I saw vocalist Ozzy Osbourne perform solo back in 2010 and the whole performance was an absolute mess. Fast forward to 2013, with an amazing new album “13″ under their belt, Ozzy along with the rest of Black Sabbath (guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler, and drummer Tommy Clufetos) sounded wonderfully refreshed and I thought the performance for the most part was very clean and well-put together. I always say that Ozzy appears happiest when performing with Black Sabbath and this night certainly cemented that point.

True metal fans will be thrilled with this show and definitely be sure to check it out before the tour wraps up in early September!