NEW MUSIC: Andrew Plays On Super-Group Recording of “House of The Rising Sun.”

Andrew produced and mixed a recording of “The House of The Rising Sun” for a very special limited edition music compilation called “The Post Romantic Empire Album.” The album features dozens of amazing artists recording together to make unique versions of classic, intense songs.

Andrew played drums, bass, and keyboard as well as produced and mixed the special recording featuring Little Annie Anxiety on vocals, along with Baby Dee on piano and additional vocals. Also featured on the recording are Matt SweeneySxip ShirleyMatthew RobinsonSarah AldenRobbie Lee, and Sarah Nowicki.

LISTEN: Click HERE to hear a short excerpt of the super epic recording!

The Post Romantic Empire Album is a collective work that gathered around a flame artists from different scenes. PRE has been a curatorial project and an event organization that existed from 2003 to 2012, and this triple vinyl album is its last action. The PRE ensemble, always new on each track, re-arranged and performed six songs that build a path through the musical history of XXth century. The songs are: “Shéhérazade” (originally by Rimsky Korsakov), “The House Of The Rising Sun” (traditional), two versions of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (originally by Joy Division), “Dreams Never End” (New Order) and “Annarella” (originally by CCCP).

This album will not be printed again, and it is now available in 700 copies, vinyl only.

Order a copy directly from the label by sending an email to: