NEW INTERVIEW: The Science of Partying

Sound Dessert caught up with Andrew at this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest where he was delivering a motivational lecture to get his his insights on life, Lil Bub and, of course, partying. The interview gets personal, especially when Andrew reveals the one thing that’s currently missing from his life. Enjoy an excerpt below and read the full article HERE.

Sound Dessert: Fun Fun Fun Fest broke down the ‘science of fun‘ with the help of Bill Nye. How would you explain the ‘science of partying’?

Andrew WK: I am not very well educated in science and for this I am not proud, although I’m not that ashamed either. It has not been an area that I have chosen to spend a lot of time, largely because there are already so many very skilled and devoted masters.

I think the ‘science of partying’ is trying to find value in the less tangible but no less real experiences that happen inside of us. When I say inside of us I don’t necessarily mean in our neurons and synapsis and in the physical or chemical processes, but in the more elusive sensations and experiences that result from those chemical processes, because the really interesting part isn’t necessarily the chemical proceses themselves, but why we would even have the capacity to have those chemical processes in the first place.

Life is an incredible miracle and no one really knows exactly what it is, and maybe the ‘science of partying’ is being excited about that in a way that encourages and embraces mystery, in a humble sense. Maybe not ever being able to figure it out is part of some very important fundamental riddle that keeps us searching. Maybe the search for truth is the truth.

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