NEW INTERVIEW: Andrew Discusses His Earliest Party Memories and More!

Andrew W.K. On How to Get Over Heavy Amounts of Partying | | By Elizabeth Ramanand

Wherever there is Andrew W.K. there is always serious amounts of partying. We got to hang with him on the high seas during this year’s ShipRocked. When we got to speak to him on the sandy beach of a private island of the Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas, he spoke about partying at a very early age, how he’s immune to massive amounts of partying and much more.

We also had fun picking his brain on what artists he would want to listen to if he were stuck on the island, he has some very eclectic and awesome musical picks. Check out our interview with the almighty Andrew W.K below!

Elizabeth Ramanand: When did you first realize you enjoyed partying?

Andrew W.K.: Probably around age three or four – that’s the earliest I can remember. I was running around in a circle very fast and realized just doing that and the fun of it was an event unto itself. You didn’t need to accomplish anything in particular – I mean I guess it was exercise but I wasn’t doing it for that purpose.

A.W.K: There were things in life that you could do just purely for the joy of doing them – it wasn’t a task, it wasn’t an assignment, it wasn’t practicing at anything or working towards anything. It was just pure, true fun.

E.R.: So you developed your circle pit skills early on then.

A.W.K: Yes, it definitely ties into that – a little whirlpool action, spiraling out.

E.R.: Talk about the most memorable or messiest night of partying and did you have a partying partner?

A.W.K: Well there’s usually someone there but I’ve also enjoyed solitary partying which I think is quite powerful unto itself. It’s a great skill to be able to entertain yourself.

The ones that I can’t remember are probably the best ones. I remember that I forgot but other than that and as far as what happened, who knows? It’s like it goes into this strange oblivious state where something must have happened because you didn’t die.

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