Nerdist Catches up with Andrew at Riot Fest

Andrew was in Toronto this past weekend for Riot Fest and had the pleasure of sitting down with Nerdist for a wide-ranging conversation about man buns, corruption in sports, the upcoming presidential election, and “assignments from the party gods.” Enjoy an excerpt of the interview below and click HERE to continue reading. Praise be to the party god!

Nerdist: We’re here in Toronto, Canada…

Andrew W.K.: That is true.

N: One thing I’ve noticed is that there are so many man buns here. What are your thoughts on man buns?

W.K.: I think people should do whatever they want with their hair, you know? I have long hair, and I sympathize with folks wanting to get it out of their face. Why should a woman be the only one who gets to put their hair out of their face?

Now, I’ve sometimes worn a ponytail. I’ve never braided my… well, I guess I did braid my hair once, or somebody braided it for me; that was interesting. But, you know, what’s the big deal? Let folks wear their hair however they want. It doesn’t bother you, and it always grows back; you can always change it very easily. You wouldn’t want someone telling you how to wear your hair, so let them have their hair the way they want. Why care?

N: Would you ever do one personally?

W.K.: Um, no. I prefer to keep mine down right now, but if someone said you have to do it or die, I would try it.

N: Well the stakes would be pretty high there, so you may as well.

W.K.: Yeah, I think at that point, with that much pressure, you’d be willing to do almost anything.

N: So like I said, we’re in Canada, and while Canada is very similar to our home in the U.S., because I’m an American as well…

W.K.: OK, where are you from?

N: Maine.

W.K.: Oh wow, that’s a beautiful area.

N: I’m right on the border, I see Canada from my house. So what do you think is the biggest difference that you’ve noticed between Americans and Canadians?

W.K.: I don’t know. Not so much, really. Some of them speak French, but there are a lot of people who speak French in the U.S. as well.

N: I’m one of them, kind of.

W.K.: Really? OK.

N: A little bit.

W.K.: That’s impressive. I barely speak one language well. You have one up on me. Um, what else? Well, I notice Canadians have different money in their pockets than we do in the U.S.

N: It’s more plastic-like.

W.K.: Yeah, it’s much more durable, so I admire that a great deal. You can soak it in a tub and wipe it if you spill fruit juice on it or jelly or butter or anything. What are some other differences? Those are the only ones I can think of. It’s always been a land that I’ve enjoyed a great deal. I grew up in Michigan, so Ontario couldn’t be closer.

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