Music Critics Lash Out At Andrew And Each Other!

As you’ve probably heard, Black Sabbath invited Andrew to go on the road with them for their entire 2013 North American tour. The music legends specifically asked Andrew to DJ a selection of rock and metal tunes on stage each night before their set. Andrew’s followed their every request and has been spinning a variety of classic heavy bands and songs spanning the entire history of hard rock. As usual, the reactions to Andrew have been intense, passionate, and polarized!

Absolutepunk and The Philly Post have been going head to head over Andrew’s party metal music. Backing his claims with nothing but tweets, Victor Fiorilli of The Philadelphia Post declared Andrew “the worst opening act ever,” in his August 11th, 2013 review. Writer Alex DiVincenzo of Absoluteounk got wind of Fiorilli’s verbal slam and out of complete disbelief, decided to check out the tour for himself. After experiencing Andrew’s DJ, he stepped into the debate with a completely different point of view, and wholeheartedly refuted the claims that Andrew could be “anything less than entertaining in a live setting, even with something as potentially uncomfortable as a DJ gig.” Check out some of the tweets below and read The Philly Post review HERE and the Absolutepunk review HERE.

Concert Blogger has written about the feud HERE and sides with Absolutepunk.

Andrew is currently on tour with Black Sabbath. Click HERE for full tour dates.