MEN’S FITNESS INTERVIEW: How To Party Better In 2015 And Beyond

How To Party Better in 2015 and Beyond | Men’s Fitness | Christopher Hunt

When I sat down to talk to rocker and certified party guru Andrew W.K., I fully expected to talk about the particulars of fist-pumping, mosh pit etiquette, and delicate techniques involved in beer chugging. Instead, the man that Stoli has dubbed “Professor of the Party,” wearing his trademark dirty white T-shirt and white jeans, launched into what became a philosophical take on the mentality of partying – the party attitude. Andrew W.K. has given motivational talks at Yale, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, and Oxford Union, among others, on his partying philosophy. If you ask him, partying isn’t a event. It’s a state of being. And it never has to end.

If you want you keep the party going, all you need to do is decide that every moment you’re alive is worth celebrating. “If you’re excited about not being dead, you have a reason to party every day,” Andrew said, before he hosted the 35th anniversary of The Pyramid Club in New York City.

So literally, I learned how to party like a rock star in five simple lessons:

Treat Every Day like Friday

We all know that Friday feeling, when you walk out of work and all your stress suddenly evaporates. Andrew W.K. asks, why can’t you feel that way every day? “Partying doesn’t need to be a sometimes thing,” he says. “Yeah, you can party on the weekends, New Year’s, on special occasions, but what if you were able to see life itself as a special occasion?” Why does Monday have to be a drag? Why spend all week waiting for Friday? It can be Friday every day. “Take the attitude that you have during high points like a Friday night and apply it every day, especially in moments when you might need it most.”

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