MARVEL Teams up with Andrew to Make Epic Music Video

‘Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!’ The Lost Episode | Marvel | By Ben Morse

In 2010, legendary party rocker Andrew W.K. collaborated with the team behind’s stop motion animated series, “Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!,” on a music video for his then-new song “We Party (You Shout).”

Sadly, the epic Marvel team-up never saw the light of day…until now.

You can watch the “lost” episode of “Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!” above and then read a detailed account from Andrew and the man behind “What The,” Alex Kropinak, about the five-year journey of this one-of-a-kind party! So what do you guys remember back to how you came up with the initial idea to do this?

Andrew W.K.: My state of mind was that I was so excited to be at Marvel that I was sort of delirious with just…I felt very lucky, very fortunate, very amazed. I felt like I could count like a dozen friends of mine who would have given anything to be there with me at that moment. I felt like I was sort of representing the excitement of all kinds of people who had been Marvel fans their whole lives and it was one of those very meaningful life experiences that I couldn’t believe that my life had led to this moment. I never dreamed that we would get to actually work on something official together. So yeah, I don’t even remember. I would never have the nerve to suggest, “Oh here, make a very heavily involved, time-consuming stop motion animation video for me.” Alex, you pitched it?

Alex Kropinak: Yeah, I remember Andrew came in for just a regular interview and then I think the idea came to me to come back and do a more complicated video. I think we showed [Andrew] a clip of “What The–?!” and everyone was really excited about doing something original so I think he came in a few days later again and spent the whole day with us on green screen. He spent a lot of time so I’m thankful for that…to come in and do all that. He had to do all this probably physically straining stuff. I remember you were on your stomach on a table. We were blowing a fan in your face. Doing all kinds of stuff. It was a lot of fun.

Andrew W.K.: I remember the table. It was like a desk kind of area and I remember that it made me have this tremendous amount of respect for every…I mean not that laying on a table compares to doing a stunt, but it made me think like, “Wow people actually fall on tables and fall down stairs and [I’m] just [lying] on a flat surface that’s hurting my ribcage.” I felt very humbled and weak by that aspect of it. But at the same time there was so much adrenaline. I remember just sort of being in the mindset of “I will do whatever you want or need me to do” because I was so excited just to be in the Marvel world, to be working with people who were as excited about it as I was. It’s a very unique atmosphere as I’m sure you guys can tell more than anyone. Even though you’re there every day, it’s one of those dream places. It’s like working at Disney or working at LucasFilm. Well, I guess it is kind of Disney now [laughs], but it’s one of those dream come true kinds of atmospheres. And even for someone like me who isn’t directly involved in comic books, it confirms every maybe unconventional choice that I made in life to pursue a dream or an interest that was [not] necessarily the straight and narrow or came with its own challenges. So for me, it was just a scary, magical sort of rush. I remember just buzzing with excitement for days. That’s why it was also so frustrating and so disappointing that all that initially seemed like it was going to be for nothing.

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