Make “Party Hard” the Pittsburg Penguins Goal Song

Petition for “Party Hard” Penguins Goal Song | Bloguin | By techmo

This needs to happen yesterday.

Here at PSAMP, we’re hosting this post as an official petition to change the Pittsburgh Penguins’ goal horn/song combo to Andrew W.K.’s seminal hit, Party Hard. This has been a pet project of mine for years and I need to get someone somewhere aware of it.

We as a people are tired of putting up with a song made by a child predator or even a song Blur themselves even hate.

The Pens goal song moving forward must be Party Hard. I will make several irrefutable points in this petition. Your life will be dominated should you attempt a retort.

Party Hard is the ultimate expression of joy, happiness and love for one another. These are all feelings associated with watching your favorite hockey team score a huge goal at home. Hugs all around, people. There are few songs with such power and direction. Andrew tells you to Party Hard? You Party Hard.

There’s an idea that “partying hard” is not the exact image the new stuffy Penguins and CONSOL braintrust is trying to convey. This is the worst argument ever, you tool. See here, Andrew has a long history of using his platform as a means of enriching the lives of everyone he meets. Party Hard is not a mantra of getting drunk and high and puking in the street. Party Hard is a vehicle of letting your true emotions flow out of you unrestrained so you can use all of that energy to make your life better simply by making the lives around you better. Imagine a timely goal by Sidney Crosby snowballing that inevitable avalanche? There’s simply no way of getting around the positive impact the song and feeling has created.

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