LOVE LETTER: I Believe In Andrew W.K.

As you may or may not be aware, there have been ongoing controversies debating whether or not Andrew is a real person or if he even exists at all. Various conspiracy theories and even some truths have resulted in doubts about who or what Andrew really is. Even with all the confusion, there are some hardcore partiers who believe in Andrew and partying, no matter what. The following is a testament by one of those people who just wants to have fun and party with the partiest man alive.

I Believe In Andrew W.K. – My Account Of Greatness Via His Party Tips

By Bettina Katie

Mr. Wilkes-Krier, this is a love letter.

Someone asked me who my spirit animal is. It took me about 30 seconds (or however long it takes to make direct eye contact) for me to say Andrew W.K.

For those that don’t know the magic of Mr. W.K., please allow me to educate. Andrew W.K. is the party rocking, punk playing, inspirational talk giving, challenge doing, pizza eating man famous for songs such as “Party Hard.” His 2001 album “I Get Wet” is iconic in it’s own right, reminding us that yes, “She Is Beautiful”, and you should “Party Til You Puke”.

PARTY TIP: Never ask for an easy life. Ask for an incredible life and the strength to enjoy it.

My first introduction to Andrew W.K. was when I ripped out a picture of him in his all white outfit, bloody faced glory and hung it on the wall behind my drum kit. There he stayed, next to Jack Osborne, adjacent to the Ashton Kutcher shrine. I was in 8th grade, desperate to be hardcore, and had no idea who he was.

Things have changed. Now, I know who he is. And I’m not in 8th grade. Anyway!

Here’s the thing that I love about Andrew W.K. — he believes not just in having a good time but in the power of positive partying. It’s about messing things up (or, should I say, fucking shit up) but in a genuine, loving, respectful, let’s-have-fun kind of way.

How does he make that so clear, you may ask? Look at his twitter account.It’s a hub of unicorn rainbow glitter goodness and positivity.

PARTY TIP: Stay positive.

You see? It’s so easy to let ourselves be negative. There are a lot of things to get down about (I won’t list them here, this is a celebration of Andrew W.K. and positivity but if you’re an informed person you know what the bad is). The internet specifically is a place where it’s disastrously easy to be negative: it’s a hub for cyber bullying, harsh opinions and misinformed fights. This is the antithetical home to that cave. It’s a celebration of everything that is wonderful and fun. It’s a celebration of partying!

PARTY TIP: Laughter and giggles are necessary nutrients for optimum health and wellness.

Let’s look at what partying is, really. There’s a lot of “getting fucked up” that can be associated with partying but, at it’s core, isn’t partying getting a group of friends and loved ones together to celebrate? Parties don’t always have to be a celebration of a specific thing (though birthday parties are great because they involve cake). Sometimes you just have to celebrate because it’s Saturday. Because you are standing next to your best friend. Because your body is telling you to party. Every day should be a party — Andrew W.K. is right about that:

PARTY TIP: Don’t mistake a bad day for a bad life.

Andrew W.K. takes risks and pushes his boundaries. I’m not talking about partying till you puke beer pong challenges (though that may be part of it), I mean more specifically doing challenges such as playing the drums for 24 hours straight. Going on tour with Marky Ramone and paying tribute to The Ramones appropriately. DJing for Black Sabbath. Oh, and that was all in 2013. Challenges completed. On an everyday level this is a wonderful example to follow:

PARTY TIP: It’s time to make a big, crazy change.

Andrew W.K. is often presented with different opportunities and to them he says yes. How do you not say yes to the challenge of drumming for 24 hours? You do that because of doubt and fear, feelings that are so much more powerful than hope. What if we all lived in doubt — in ourselves, in opportunities, in things working out. What would happen? Nothing. If we never said “Yes! I can drum for 24 hours! I can leave my job and try something new! I can pack up my life for a different city! I will date you!”

I mean, nothing, right?

As Andrew said “When party enters the body, fear leaves.”

We should all learn something from Andrew W.K. We should all learn how to dance harder, party harder, and live harder.

PARTY TIP: Don’t be afraid of dying. Be afraid of not living.

Of course, he’s not perfect — there have been questions about whether or not some of his performances were actually him, and theories about the validity of him as an artist. After my 21st birthday party (the same year it struck midnight while I listened to Party Hard on repeat) someone sat me down and explained the entire corporate theory behind his contrived persona which I would tell you if I didn’t spend most of that conversation in disbelief and whiskey haze. Maybe it’s real but if it is I am choosing to ignore it.

You guys, he plays a guitar shaped like a pizza. #party

Andrew W.K. this is a love letter. Party hard.