LIVE REVIEWS AND PHOTOS: Andrew And His Band Party In Chicago

Andrew W.K. and his full band played at Riot Fest in Chicago on Friday, September 13th, 2013. A full recap from Brooklyn Vegan and other publications are below complete with photos!

The Ambassador of Party, Andrew W.K., played a raucous set on the Rise Stage at Riot Fest in Chicago on Friday, September 13th, 2013. Decked out in his white-on-white uniform, W.K. gave a brief spoken word introduction for each song. “This song is about party; this song is about partying all night,” and so on. The crowd broke out into circle pits as Andrew and his full-band, including his wife, Cherie Lily, continued to bring the rock… I mean party. gave Andrew and his band the “Most Energy” title in their snapshot review, saying “Andrew W.K. and band were utterly relentless in their partying. Wife, Cherie Lily, provided a heaping helping of aerobics along with background vocals.”

Lisa White of Gapers Block writes “Saying that Andrew loves to party is like stating that the sky is blue. If you aren’t aware of this factual information, all you have to do is spend a few seconds and you’ll learn this to be truth. The one man party machine took the stage again this year at Riot Fest to spread his gospel of the art of positive partying and headbanging to the masses. Opening with “It’s Time to Party” Andrew W.K. and his wife Cherie Lily (dressed in the finest high cut aerobic leotard fashion) headbang in unison as the crowd pumped their fist in time. Andrew W.K. proclaimed “It’s so good not to be dead today!” before launching into “Ready to Die” which included him playing a perfectly executed classical piano solo without missing a beat headbanging along. You cannot deny the fact that Andrew W.K. is one of the most positive and energetic people on this planet, as he and his band whipped their long hair all over the place and encouraged the massive mosh pit up front to swirl in a circle. The camera panning over a crusty punk crowd surfing to the sounds of another classical piano solo during “She is Beautiful” was one of the most epic moments of Friday night, a true testament to the powers of party at the hands of Andrew W.K.