Live Review From Australia

Two shows into the 2011 Big Day Out Tour in New Zealand and Australia! Andrew and his band are showing the crowd Down Under how they like to PARTY!

Read this live review and check out photos HERE posted by The Vine to get a sense of how the tour is shaping up.

“Where Andrew W.K. is destroying. Sure, his entire act is to be taken with a handful of salt, but the dude and his band are having such a great time that it’s pretty much impossible to oppose what your ears hear and your eyes can plainly see. His shtick is partying, self-esteem, and positivity, and it’s a breath of fresh air among the many self-serious acts who play these kinds of huge music events. He dedicates ‘She Is Beautiful’ to all the women in the audience, because “none of this would exist without girls!”. His hype-woman and back-up singer is wearing a leotard and a huge grin; his band look like grizzled old metal dudes, which makes their merry music-making all the more funny. He opens up a big circle pit during the second last song, then demands that the crowd doubles it for the last song – ‘Party Hard’, of course – which they do. It’s gotta be the happiest circle pit I’ve ever seen. All of a sudden, we all feel pretty good about ourselves and the world. Andrew W.K. succeeds.”

– The Vine