Live Q&A with Andrew W.K. on!

Sunday, Feb. 13th, at 7pm Eastern Time, the one and only 4chan hosted an interview with Andrew on their “/mu/ ” music board! The turn out was a massive success! In fact, so many people came to the chat that the entire 4chan message board crashed. Check out this review of the chat by Gawker!

Here are two official threads from the chat:

( these threads were viewed 279,675 times in approximately six days!)

After seeing Andrew’s tweet below, the folks at personally reached out and invited Andrew to do an exclusive interview! Andrew himself was on 4chan for a special live Q&A.

Andrew was prepared for an all-out-party, and apparently he wasn’t the only one! Check out the coverage from Prefix MagThe New York Observer and Geekosystem.

WHEN: Sunday, Febuary 13th, at 7:00pm EST.

WHERE: – at the /mu/ – Music board. Everyone was invited to this opportunity to chat directly with Andrew and the incredibly wild party people of 4chan! This proved to be a legendary computerized party.

4chan is the largest English-language imageboard website in the world! Their users total up to 10 – 12 million per month. The users of 4chan post and discuss topics in real-time, kind of like Twitter, but the site functions as a messageboard. As a whole, this event was a spontaneous and uncensored experience online like no other!