KERRANG Magazine Gives Andrew’s London Show Six Glorious K’s! Super KKKKKK Review!

The UK reviews and press keep pouring in and they’ve all been overwhelmingly positive and over the top! KERRANG Magazine’s review of Andrew’s London show brings the coverage to a whole other level! As far as we’re aware, this is Kerrang magazine’s first ever KKKKKK rating for a live concert review! The previous highest rating was 5 K’s!

“For 90 minutes, every single person here is convulsing in a human soup of pure euphoria. It’s a remarkable moment in the history of mankind – here there is no pain, no suffering, no death. Insteady, for one brief shining moment, there is only the entire Forum clapping in time to the sight of Andrew W.K. alternating between hitting his own head with an inflatable banana and the head of a fan onstage dressed as a banana. What’s just happened? Nothing much. Andrew W.K. just saved the entire fucking world. Party on.”

Truly a night to remember.

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