Is Andrew the Greatest Human Being of All Time?

10 Reasons Why Andrew W.K. Is the Greatest Human Being of All Time | What Culture | By Thomas Bagnall

Who’s the best person ever? Actually, don’t answer that, because whoever you pick, they can’t possibly hope to compete with the majesty of a man from Ann Arbor, Michigan, who has a penchant for white clothes and partying until he literally vomits – Andrew Wilkes-Krier.

You may know Andrew W.K. solely for his 2001 hit Party Hard (a.k.a the greatest three minutes of music ever committed to tape), but that’s only a tiny fraction of his varied and incredible life.

For example, at the age of four (FOUR!) he was learning classical piano at the University of Michigan’s School of Music, and he holds a world record for the Longest Drum Session in a Retail Store, after he performed for 24 hours non-stop in 2013.

More recently, he wrote the press release for the debut album by an actual cat, and his Twitter feed is a non-stop barrage of party advice. You are absolutely excused for thinking that this man is awesome and that your entire world will collapse unless you learn more about him immediately.

Well, you’re in luck, because out of the hundreds of reasons why Andrew W.K. is undeniably better than everyone else who has ever lived, we’ve whittled it down to ten for you.

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