Interview in That Other Paper

In a recent issue, Texas’s alternative newspaper, That Other Paper, printed an exclusive interview with Andrew. The feature covers Andrew’s recent activities and at one point actually says he has “good genes”:

“At one point, just curling over and doubling up was about as much fun as I could imagine having ‚Äî but I was an infant, so it made sense. Now it’s supposed to be all about the best cigars you can get. That’s supposed to be fun, and I’m thinking, ‘Cigars? You mean, I have to smoke that thing?’

I even heard one guy talk about a chocolate-flavored cigar. They taste like they’ve been dipped in honey milk chocolate with a mild vanilla cocoa butter swirl ‚Äî and that’s tobacco! That’s a flavor that’s supposed to be fun, and I can understand why they exist. Thinking about existence in general has been a fun thing for me to do.”

Click HERE for the online version of the complete interview.