INTERVIEW: Andrew Talks Party Energy, Lil Bub, and More

Andrew W.K. Talks Partying | By Adrian Garro | Rockcellar

Andrew W.K. is many things. Since partying his way onto the scene in 2001 with his debut album I Get Wet, he’s been a larger-than-life icon dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: partying.

He’s expanded his roles from rocker to TV star to motivational speaker over the years, and recently he announced plans for yet another wild endeavor: his own political party.

Despite being busy with his new political aspirations, Andrew took some minutes out of his day earlier this week to speak with us about his political party, his particular life philosophy, reflections on hanging out with Lil’ Bub, pizza and more. Enjoy the chat below!

You made an official statement about your political party online, but for anybody who might not have seen it and in your own words – what is it, and why is it important right now?

Andrew W.K.: Well first of all those were my own words in my statement, just to clarify in case there’s any confusion about that. Other than that, the timing seemed right. It’s something I thought about doing in various ways over the years. There was a lot of encouragement and support from my fellow partiers and people that believe in this shared party philosophy, and the party gods made it very clear that this was the right time.

So I followed their orders and I must say in this past week since we announced this last Thursday, March 31, the response has been absolutely unbelievable. Just way more enthusiasm and positive support than I had ever dreamed.

As anybody who uses the Internet knows, it can often be a wasteland of negativity, from Twitter and Facebook to social media in general. Is it a challenge for you to maintain all that positivity amid all that?

Andrew W.K.: Yes and no. I understand very much the impulse to complain and criticize, that is a natural human instinct. I have it as well. Anytime we have the ability to express ourselves it is understandable that those initial, perhaps, critical impulses come out.

I think having that power to speak your mind is very attractive, and very tempting. It takes a little bit of restraint in order to hold back some of that negativity – but negativity isn’t always bad.

We need both negativity and positivity, and in a strange way even negativity has a sort of transcendent positivity, meaning that dark and light together are a positive phenomenon, a good thing. So I’m just contributing my specialty, which happens to be partying.

And even being negative can be a party sometimes. But I’m always trying to bring out my own best, keep myself going, cheer myself on, and that’s how this party mission started.

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