Huffington Post Talks to Andrew About His Nonpolitical Politcal Party

Coversation with Andrew W.K. | By Michael Nirenberg | The Huffington Post

Last week I interviewed musician and party philosopher Andrew WK. I’ve enjoyed his work for a long time and we had an interesting and lively discussion regarding the launch of his nonpolitical, political party. This interview has been edited for brevity.

Michael Nireberg: First of all, I wanted to say I saw you play back in 2003 or thereabouts?

Andrew W.K.: Wow! OK

MN: It was great, I remember I rocked with you onstage for a moment then jumped off again.

A.W.K.: You got up onstage?

MN: Yup, I rocked with you briefly and then jumped off again.

A.W.K.: I appreciate you taking that risk and it sounds like you have very good crowd surfing etiquette in terms of getting up, having a moment of glory and continuing on.

MN: That was probably one of the last times I did that. I think at the time I was probably too old to do it. (laughs)

A.W.K.: In my book you’re never too old, but I understand you may have moved on to other ways of stage diving including mental stage diving. You can always dive off the cliff in your brain.

MN: Absolutely. To catch up those of who haven’t heard about your nonpolitical, political party: Could you tell me the basics?

A.W.K.: This was an idea that had been around in my mind thanks to the encouragement of my fellow partiers for quite some time now. During every election cycle there was a general atmosphere that encouraged some participation on my part. I would chime in with some party philosophy, but I never really took it any further than that for all sorts of very good reasons. This year it seemed like the conditions were right, the timing was right and destiny was calling. I can’t explain it really other than that. I obey the will of the party gods and try to follow what they want me to do, and I think that between them and the desires of my fellow party people we were all looking for a version of this particular attitude. It’s an attitude I think many of us have anyway, but sometimes it’s nice to formalize the attitude into a cohesive organization.

MN: These ideas will be in the air and it will take the right moment to happen. I find this election cycle shrill. Every election cycle is shrill but this one particularly. I imagine you are sensing that as well.

A.W.K.: No one is more shrill than I am when it comes to partying.

MN: (Laughs)

A.W.K.: To some people’s ears it’s the opposite of shrill. It’s the most soothing, it’s the most transcendent kind of music. To that person who already identifies with this party philosophy, this partying mindset, this partying approach to life. As we were saying formalizing it into what we would think of as a political organization allowed us to apply that party philosophy into this political area where I think it could be very helpful. This is a nonpolitical political party. We don’t have a political agenda. This is about tone and texture of what we are creating that the approach to existing political issues through. So I’m trying to basically improve our constitution, our personal individual attitudes rather so whatever side you may be on, whatever ideas you have you can approach with an empowered cheerful, enthusiasm, rather than pure dissension. We do ultimately have to figure out a way to get along. It may be the one thing that ultimately unifies us.

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