Havard Lampoon Award

The legendary Havard Lampoon voted Andrew W.K. their Entertainer of The Year and invited him to become an honorary member of their society and private club.

Andrew joins an impressive list of entertainers and personalities also made honorary members over the years, including James Brown, Bill Cosby, Paris Hilton, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Aerosmith, and Winston Churchill, among others.

Andrew was the special guest at a secret ceremony and banquet held at the Lampoon’s famous castle headquarters on Tuesday, Sept. 1st, located in the heart of the Havard campus, in Cambridge, Massachusettes.

The Havard Lampoon was founded in 1876 at Havard University – it exists to this day as a printed publication, website, and social organization.

Andrew says: “This is an incredibly great honor from an incredibly great organization. Thank you to the Havard Lampoon for their recognition. Party Harvard!”