Andrew’s friend and kinsman, Aleister X, has prepared a special package of dark holiday gifts, and now he’s sharing them with you! We also have a video for you for the video is for a song off “The Git” EP called “Club, Show, Party” HERE.

Please enjoy the following special presentation direct from Aleister X himself…

” The holiday season brings about a rush of complex emotions and feelings. Panic, frustration, loneliness, consumer competition, financial stress, rage; it can be overwhelming. Besides addiction, and co-dependence, there are other positive ways to cope with seasonal negativity. From the infinite medicine of laughter, the wisdom of sages, to expert tools and skills, I intend to share with you some of the secrets I have learned from real masters of secrets. We’ll also be checking in with some real inspirational mates of mine. They’re always sending me interesting bits that change my life.

Time and time again I turn to the wisdom of the streets and the messages of the great Graffiti Writers of the day for guidance. They seem to be calling for a base instinctual approach to stress relief.

Then there’s the contemplative approach. A very Zen influence is at work in this one. More on that later.

Wanna go a little deeper then, yeah? I can hear you say, “yeah,” as I type at this very moment before you even say it. A little trick Uncle Nicky taught me. We’ll get into him later. Well it seems these days just about EVERYBODY is in on The Conspiracy, innit? Kanye, Jay, Gaga… but did you know it’s really PODIATRISTS is actually like the well-high level Illuminazi devils or whatever? This is the next level.

If you are experiencing chronic foot pain I would be concerned, but think twice before consulting a podiatrist. Seriously; heads-up.

Very enlightening, yeah? You’re probably feeling the effects of the first Waves of Chill right now. I feel it as well. So let’s ride those Chill Waves into the next bit, as we go deep into that fabled crossroads of destiny, Times Square. It’s Black Friday in the USA, and this year I’m getting a head start on my holiday shopping. That should take some of the pressure off, innit?

Well, I somehow managed to find AND ride a Chill Wave or two out there, but now comes the very UNCHILL WAVE; getting the cash together for all the great gift ideas I got. Seriously, the dinosaur alone costs ten grand. It may come as a surprise to you, but ‘ol Aleister X is busted. I’ve sunk all my cash into my production company to make loads of free content for free. Luckily, my dear Uncle Nicky gave me a tight little skill set to fall back on during the lean times. If you wanna see what that’s all about check out the next episode of, “The Magic Of Doin’ Stuff, With Aleister X” coming soon on my blog,

Uncle Nicky’s Old Shop

‘Ol Uncle Nicky’s been like a dad to me. He’s been through a lot of changes in his life, and has much wisdom and knowledge. He’s not very chill anymore, but that just makes me love him more. He’s an expert on finding inspiration, motivation, sharing, and getting in touch with large sums of cash when The Squeeze is on (and I’m not talking about that band of pansies either). Lately he’s been convalescing at his home on Gaylord Street

passing his time diggin up real deep shite from the tops and bottoms of the internet. He always sends me the best links. Links with answers. Links with power. We’ll be hearing from Uncle Nicky all the time and all the deep stuff he finds, on my blog. For now, check this one he just sent me. http://www.rileymartin.com/ This dude is blowin my mind out. And make sure you check out the audio page http://howardsternbits.com/soundboards/rileymartin/ the power of Riley Martin’s voice is staggering. Riley has just about every answer to every question, and embodies infinite Chill Wave energy. “O kwa tangin wan, kwa ansa lagee wan.” Thanks Uncle Nicky.

Indeed 2010 showed us a lot of new pressures and stress loads as we struggled to make sense of all the different issues and downers along the way. Global environmental disasters, plane crashes, jam band festivals, economic upheaval, earthquakes, the final episode of “Lost,” human rights, wikileaks, the beginning of the endless string of posthumous new MJ tracks; and on and on. Many bummers, much confusion, loads of schisms, too many isms. I know because, I was there. Locked smack in the middle of every single bummer going all at once, absorbing all that negative energy, finding the inspiration I need to hone my vision and message. 2010 was so intense I was inspired to write and produce my first holiday song. Something to bring us all together. Taking inspiration from Band Aid, and it’s 1984 release, “Feed The World,” in a very vibes sense, I give you, “Happy Rxmas (You’ll Cheer).” Let’s all just get along, shall we?

You can download the track, “Happy Rxmas (You’ll Cheer)” HERE!

Well, yeah, that’s about it for now. I hope you have chilled out for a minute right here. Right now, you are feeling a bit less pressure, yeah? Feel that? That’s real relief, and it didn’t cost you nothing. See? Addiction/abuse and codependency aren’t the only ways to cope this holiday season. Please believe it.

Cheers m’dears and do have a happy holiday season!


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