Halloween Party

Andrew made a special surprise appearance at the California Institue Of The Arts Halloween Party. The school invited Andrew to attend the party and give a special solo performance.

Andrew says: “I’ve never been to a school as advanced and free as CalArts. I was overwhelmed by the intensity of the students and the atmosphere in general. But it was good feeling, and the overwhelming tones grew the party into a riot of love.”

“Just about everyone was drinking and smoking [and doing drugs] right out in the open, even in front of the cops who were doing security. Everyone was allowed to do what they wanted. It was chaotic but also peaceful.”

“That night I saw more naked girls in a public place than I had ever seen before. Naked boys too. It was a real wild school party, to say the least. I’m so honored to have been invited.”

Anyone with additional pictures from the event is urged to post them on the official Andrew W.K. Myspace.