FUN INTERVIEW: Two Lovely Ladies Chat With Andrew

Andrew W.K. | Vote For Party

Forget Superbabe of the Week, we bring you Party God of the year. Andrew W.K., full-time partier and part-time motivational speaker, doesn’t necessarily mean Party in the sense of getting fucked up, but more about living in the moment (similar to our mantra here at Vote For Party).

“I’m not tired at all, that’s the whole problem. I’m trying to get tired – my body must rest.”

The king of party played a show at Foufs in Montreal on Wednesday and we had the chance to interview him and kick it after the show. Waiting for our turn, we were shocked to see that we were the only interviewers actually… partying. Ironically, it all seemed like a serious affair, but one should know how to party if they are to be in the company of the ultimate party god!

We finally got to sit down with Andrew and Blake, his tour manager/designated walker, and (obviously being saved as best for last) we were lucky enough to get to hang out with them instead of rushing through a timed interview. Andrew has a slight Fubar accent (which he attributesto growing up just south of the Canadian border in Michigan) combined with this amazingly deep radio voice. He was a lot more serious than we expected him to be, thoughtfully responding to our questions and sharing his wisdom with us.

On VFP: “I saw that name and I thought if there’s anyone I should be meeting with…”

Our party god was a great host, offering us beer and salsa. We ate all his chips and had a serious talk about the difference between Montreal and the rest of North America. He had played his first show here at the very same venue 12 years ago and was excited to be back. He has always liked Montreal, having spent some time here when he was younger, and he had a pretty clear understanding of the city and its many nuances.

“I was very pleased [about the show that night], I was a bit worried because the organizers were saying that it wasn’t looking good. I’ve experienced that before here… the only thing I can compare it to is Paris.”

Montreal is a tough sell for some music acts, having different taste than other cities. Andrew thinks that some of the best music comes out of Montreal and that the city might be a bit overwhelmed by what they have created; “It’s like Frankenstein.”

In his opinion, the Montrealer is a refined one: they care about good food, music, movies, books and clothing among many other things.

“Part of me was very enthralled by it and very interested and part of me was very puzzled by it. Over the years since then I’ve been skewed to the puzzled side, I think it’s a very passionate place. It’s something to be respected, to have an identity and to preserve that. I was told Montrealers are more intellectual and that I should try and adapt to that. But I thought, well you can still read a book and also like the feeling that rock music gives you.”

Judging by the energy of the show that night, it seems Montrealers are able to embrace that feeling as well. Andrew was also very excited to come back for our bagels, his spot of choice being St-Viateur: “It’s a more humble bagel: it’s all the puff from a New York bagel condensed into a very tight package. With all due respect to New York, it’s better, it really is.”

Vote For Party: What was your first party?

Andrew W.K.: My birthday party. I was probably three years old.

VFP: Not one years old? So, you were neglected from one to two.

A.W.K.: It probably happened, I just can’t remember it. My memory, as far as this life, begins around three. It’s mostly based on photos, but it looks like I had fun from what I can tell. I mean, I was crying, but I think they were tears of joy.

VFP: Is that what started your love of ‘Party’?

A.W.K.: No, that came much later. I thought that I should try to think of the most fun thing that you could do. I heard a lot of talk, especially from my peer group, who were mostly teenagers; “Hey man, you gonna party? You gonna have some fun?” They sounded pretty excited about that, “Hey man you into partying?” So I thought to myself, well this partying thing seems to be all the rage, why not make that my main M.O, my main thing, my M.T.

VFP: Most epic party you’ve ever been to?

A.W.K.: It hasn’t happened yet. I put those kind of things in front of me, I don’t want to have my ultimate thing be something that has already passed. Put the good stuff in front of you.

VFP: Who would you most like to party with, alive or dead?

A.W.K.: It’s hard to pick, there’s a lot of folks that I would like to meet that have already passed away. Right now, I would like to summon up Dave Brockie [member of Gwar who recently passed away].

VFP: What is one thing that you cannot party without?

A.W.K.: Life. I have only experienced party while being alive. Life force is my most crucial. Blake loves sugar. Sugar soothes the stomach. If your stomach is upset, eat more candy.

VFP: Drink of choice?

A.W.K.: Liquids. Water. For alcohol, I would probably pick vodka. Chilled, but I can choke it down room temperature.

VFP: One of your favourite bars to party at?

A.W.K.: Tonight! Foufs.

VFP: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

A.W.K.: To fly, for sure.

Andrew and Blake pointed out a flaw in H’s superpower of being able to shrink and resize things: if all of her friends were shrunk into a bag to sneak them onto a plane on vacation… “But then what happens when you take your friends out an hour later and they’re all dead?” Noted that air holes and blankets are necessary for carrying friends in pocket.

VFP: What’s your guilty pleasure?

A.W.K.: There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. That being said, I haven’t felt guilty about something in so long. I actually feel a bit guilty about not feeling guilty about anything. Don’t ever feel bad about anything: songs, cultures, the pleasures of being alive, the living arts. Never question that impulse. This whole concept of guilty pleasure, which has been played with and is a cliche at this point, cast that aside and just go to the next level. You can’t waste your energy on that, there’s so much more, when someone that you care about is dying then you won’t get caught up in that. Anything that you care about, don’t question it.

VFP: What happened to the infamous pizza guitar?

A.W.K.: I’ll only use the pizza guitar when I’m touring with my band. I actually haven’t told anyone this yet, but I’m working on another food-inspired guitar… a taco!

Well, you heard it here first ladies and gentleman, the taco guitar will be coming to a stage near you! We had a lot of fun hanging out with Andrew and Blake, talking about True Detective, movies, partying and learning some valuable life lessons.

Note: even when asked what your favourite burger is, putting Five Guys and In-N-Out in the same sentence is still awkward.

Thanks Party God!