Dune Bugs, Pollywogs, And Periwinkles – Andrew’s 5 New Party Tips

Andrew caught up with Pressparty in Glasgow while on his “I Get Wet” Anniversary tour to bestow upon them his top five tips for partying hard!

What are your top five tips for partying hard?

Number one…dry socks. Or bare feet. But I would not recommend having a swamp foot, a sweat foot, cake foot, water foot, any kind of smush foot – you want a dry foot. Or just go barefoot, but then you’ve got to watch or for broken glass, nails, snug bugs, human waste, animal waste, barbed wire of cross, if you’re hopping over fences and things.

Number two? Beer?

Beer, water, milk, juices, sweet wines…

So you’re saying you can party hard on water?

You can party hard on anything. That’s the beauty of it. For me, it’s being in a state of gratitude about being alive. For example, a lot of people celebrate Friday and the weekend, and people celebrate birthdays, New Year, the holidays. But if you’re celebrating these things out of gratitude and thankfulness – what about celebrating not being dead? Can’t we celebrate that? If you’re alive every day, then that is reason to celebrate each and every day.

Number three?

Number three is to try and locate a bug. It could be a fly, a mosquito or a cockroach, a dune bug, a pollywog, a periwinkle. The goal is to locate some kind of bug, then let it flourish – even just for a moment or two – and then you can press down on its body until it bursts.


Let’s have some other folks come by. You can party by yourself, but at least 93% of the time it is more fun to have someone else there.

And number five?

Number five would be to have some kind of music and some kind of gravy. Brown gravy, sausage gravy…any kind of flavoured sauce really. Hollandaise or even just melted butter. Why not add some flavour to your life and party hard? Sauces and bugs and all that good stuff.

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