Double Boston Success

Andrew would like to thank everyone who partied with him in Boston. The double header party event took place on Tuesday, Feb. 20th and Wednesday, Feb. 21st, 2007. Due to overwhelming demand from all the party people, Andrew was invited to appear at two Boston DJ nights.

“Thank you so much to everyone who came to party on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I can safely say, I was blown away. All I expected was to have the most fun of all time, but somehow even that expectation was exceeded.

I thought each night had its own feel, and its own wheel to spin and turn – that turned us all into full-blown blow-outs, and as I said before, I was blown away by the sheer intensity of the faces, eyes, and t-shirts – it couldn’t have gone any other way. If you think I’m talking about you, you’re right! Let’s all give ourselves a hand hug and feel good about what we dug. That feeling was there all the way, and the top of the night was the double second-rounder. Tuesday and Wednesday nights were made for the people I love. Again, thank you.” – Andrew W.K.