5/1/09 Los Angeles Destroy Build Destroy Cast Andrew WK Photographer: Jeremy Freeman/CN

Tune in WEDNESDAY night, November 2nd at 8:30 pm EST for an episode of DESTROY BUILD DESTROY Season 3, on Cartoon Network! Click HERE for additional show times.

Check out Andrew’s new EPIC EXPLOSIONS!

As always, Andrew will be hosting and hyping up two teams of teenage contestants, as they compete with more projectiles, smashing, crashing, explosions and fun than ever!

Cartoon Network and Andrew are bringing more excitement, new teams, professional athletes, TV super-stars, and plenty of destruction with the help wrecking balls, human destroyers, and good ol’ TNT! See the show preview HERE!

Each week on Wednesday evening, then on Sunday morning, Andrew brings new teenage challengers who must build from the debris with strategy, wits, and teamwork determining which team’s creation out-performs the other. Want to know more? Find out HERE!