Consequence of Sound Features New Aleister X Video

“West Coast Tees” is the latest song off Aleister X‘s new full length album, “Half-Speed Mastered,” to get a video treatment!

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Layering live instrumentation, big vocals, and samples as well as visuals into his live performance, Aleister X’s multi-media head-fuckery has spread organically worldwide. Consequence of Sound writes ” Andrew W.K. has always seen his positive partying as a way to bring people of varying backgrounds together (even without the State Department’s help). Hence, his fondness of Aleister X despite the differences in their musical aesthetic isn’t all that surprising. The Party Master has used his STEEV MIKE label (formerly Skyscraper Music Maker) to release two EPs of Aleister X’s punchy blend of hip-hop and psychedelic rock, and this week dropped the artist’s full-length debut, Half-Speed Mastered.

Aleister X says the album is meant to be a noirish love affair with a contemporary Los Angeles. “I love the Hollywood dark-side-of-Tinseltown vibe,” he says in press for the album, “as well as the iconic images of bungalows, canyon houses, swimming pools and cars, weirdos, the “Boogie Nights” to “Bang Bus”-era porn industry, and Rad Culture. . . all the cool Southern California shit.”

Album cut “West Coast Tees” does well to capture that concept. Over woozy snyths and tittering percussion that break into a smoked-out SoCal beat, Aleister X talk-sings in a British accent about the perilous allure of Hollywood. “In the hills,” he sings, “in the night / moonlight thrills / just not right / she would kill, for a bill.”

Check out the Jamie Mohr-directed video for “West Coast Tees” below, featuring one cut lady bodybuilder flexing her body out.”