Complex Interview With Andrew

Complex caught up with Andrew for an interview that turned into “Andrew W.K.’s All-Purpose Guide To Partying!” Read an excerpt below and continue reading HERE to find out just what goes into a great party! Andrew covers everything in detail from etiquette to eats, budget to games, and maybe most importantly, clean up.

“I try to break down really basic understandings of this party phenomenon and this word “partying.” If you think about it, when you party, you’re celebrating something. Now, we can think of the obvious examples of celebrating the weekend or the new year or a birthday or a holiday of some sort. These are things we’re grateful for, so we celebrate them.

It’s a version of the Golden Rule. It’s an open-mindedness that allows you to party and enjoy yourself the way that you want, and then give everyone else around you the freedom to do the same thing, as long as your mode of partying doesn’t interfere with other people’s ability to party as they see fit.

If we’re not dead, we’re probably grateful that we’re alive, and that gives us a reason to party every single day that we’re not dead, and that’s how I came up with this. I was determined to prove that partying was not only possible every day but actually the only sensible approach to life.”