College Student Aces Paper Thanks To Andrew’s Partying

A College Student Aced His Class Thanks To Andrew W.K.’s Partying | MTV

Andrew W.K. is many things: a rock star, a motivational speaker, a Brony, a world-record drummer, a spokesperson for Playtex Fresh + Sexy Wipes and a profound (seriously) Village Voice advice columnist. And now the self-proclaimed “Party Messiah” is a legit subject of academic study.

Over the weekend, Southeast Missouri State University senior Michael Stamper tweeted that he’d passed his class by writing an essay about Andrew W.K.’s hard-partying ways:

Hey @AndrewWK, my paper, “Andrew WK’s party style” was a success with my college professor. Thank you for securing my A for the semester!

Andrew W.K. retweeted it and sent this encouraging response:

@The_Twiggster Holey smokes! Congratulations. Thank you for including me in your college party paper writing. A level party professor.

You can’t spell “party” without “PA,” and you can’t spell “GPA” without it either, so we reached out to Stamper — who’s set to graduate in December — for the story behind his scholarly achievement.

MTV: What exactly was the paper about, and which class was it for?

Michael Stamper: This was for a Style In Writing class. It’s a higher level course which aims to analyze how various authors articulate themselves within their writing ability.

The assignment was titled, “The Critical Essay on Performance Style.” It required students to express a detailed understanding of the style of a public figure that they admire. My professor suggested the paper to feature an established entertainer, athlete or public speaker. As long as the paper depicted a critical analysis of how someone famous conducts themselves in front of an audience, it met the required criteria.

[Students were] instructed to analyze their chosen person as if the reader has never heard of them before. So, I began to ask myself how I could inform someone of W.K.’s “Party Style” if they never head-banged to “Party Hard” or read his weekly column in the Village Voice. What makes his style so compelling? How can the reader get a better understanding? To whom can they be compared? What elements are composed in his partying which makes for a good read?

MTV: Why’d you decide to write about Andrew W.K. (and his partying style) for it?

Stamper: I remember seeing the “Party Hard” video on MTV for the first time when I was 12, and I immediately fell in love with it. I was always drawn to artists who … go absolutely batsh-t insane while performing. This isn’t to say that those who don’t aren’t great in their own regard. As W.K. said, “I love seeing bands that don’t move at all. Because, you can focus on different things like their facial expression or the beauty of their hand playing the instrument.” It’s just that his work demands that kind of performance.

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