Chicago Examiner Interviews Andrew About His No Philosophy

The Chicago Examiner interviewed Andrew at his Chicago Riot Fest show and asked some fan submitted questions as well. Enjoy part of the interview below and continue reading about Andrew’s no philosphy partying, why it’s great to be “truly cute,” how to find flavor in water and much more!

Lee Klawans: What do you eat? Are you vegetarian or vegan?

Andrew W.K.: There’s been times when I haven’t eaten meat or cheese, dairy or egg. The problem is I’ve really enjoy those foods, so I just try to eat what I enjoy and I certainly enjoy the full range of diet that’s an option, including not eating, probably the least flavorful diet, the no food diet. There’s a lot of good flavor in water if that’s all you have. You can use your imagination and get some satisfaction out of that.

Lee Klawans: What do you think of Time Magazine calling you, a rock star, “truly cute?”

Andrew W.K.: I take it as a compliment. If they had said falsely cute it would have been a little more perplexing. My mom was very happy with that. It’s how she’s always felt. I do want to be cute, much like a young puppy or a fat bird or, I don’t know, like a baby. I guess anything can be cute, but “truly cute” coming from such an esteemed publication is great.

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