Cherie Lily Parties With Richard Simmons For Paper Magazine

Cherie Lily hopped a plane to Los Angeles to meet her fitness icon and legendary motivator, Richard Simmons! She recounted her ultimate workout experience with Richard for Paper Magazine. Enjoy an excerpt below and continue reading here. Enjoy!

Cherie Lily is the kind of classic New York character who does a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Lily is a fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, musician, nightlife fixture and apparel designer as well as rocker Andrew W.K.’s collaborator and wife. She is probably best known, however, for creating the genre Houserobics, her original blend of high-energy dance and workout music. Her new self-titled EP is out February 12th. Here she writes about her recent trip to L.A. to meet the one and only Richard Simmons.

Being a diehard fitness enthusiast, Richard Simmons is my ultimate hero. So when I heard that anyone could take an exercise class with the fitness icon at his Los Angeles studio, Slimmons (and for only $12!), I jumped on a plane.

I didn’t believe it myself until I went there and was so starstruck, I could barely breathe! Turns out, when Richard is not on TV or on the road, he’s at his home base in L.A., getting people sweating. You can see him in all his glory (wearing his signature Dolfin-brand striped shorts and his Swarovski crystal tank tops) every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at Slimmons.

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