Cherie Lily DEBUT EP “WERK”

CHERIE LILY is a performer, musician, songwriter, dance music producer, group fitness innovator, celebrity trainer, apparel designer, inventor, and Andrew W.K.’s vocalist, dancer, and wife. Cherie Lily is a super woman!

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Cherie Lily’s debut solo EP, featuring her new single “WERK”, released on October 11th (UK) and October 12th (USA).

Since 2006, Cherie has been focusing her music skills on a genre she created calls HOUSEROBICS, which fuses fitness lifestyle with her self-produced dance music. “I want to make the most exciting music possible and inspire people around the world to get sweaty.” NYC’s hottest DJs, like Roxy CottontailLarry TeeDJ Nita, and Princess Superstar, have been getting very sweaty collaborating with Cherie Lily!

Cherie Lily’s personal style is alive with electricity. “I want to perform in clothes that are sexy, original, and fun, but also bold. It’s a strong feminine look.” Cherie’s innovative designs are custom made for her performances on stage and in the gym, featuring leotards and separates to wear straight from a workout, right to the club.

Cherie Lily has been featured in ELLE magazine, the New York PostNew York magazineCITY magazineOUT magazine, and