CHERIE LILY Announces New Single

Cherie Lily is werking hard in her studio, recording some fresh new tracks! She’s got a brand new single coming up to get you moving! Read the press release and what people are saying about Cherie Lily in Broadway World, HERE!

“Cherie Lily is a real life superhero. She makes the world a better place. She’s the first woman I ever met who could head bang as hard as me. She’s also the first to ever fuse her own music with her own super athleticism. I’ve never met another aerobics instructor who creates his or her own amazing dance music. Cherie is a powerhouse of fun with a strong dose of body! She parties hard body!” – Andrew W.K.

There’s more to come from this powerful Persian beauty. Stay tuned!

Catch a live Cherie Lily performance on Wednesday, August 3rd at Santos Party House, New York City!

Party details HERE!