BUSINESS INSIDER: How to Become a Professional Partier

Andrew recently spoke with Business Insider about his career, what keeps him going, and his upcoming book for Simon & Schuster — “The Party Bible,” a treatise about how the “philosophy of partying” is a pursuit of personal joy. Enjoy an excerpt of the interview below and continue reading HERE.

Business Insider: When did it become clear to you that this — making music, running rock clubs, helping people with the riddles of life in your column — was what you wanted to do?

Andrew W.K.: When I moved to New York, that was a turning point.

I wanted to do something big. More than anything, I wanted to have a thing that I could put all of my energy into, something that was big enough that all the interests I could ever have could be included in it. It just wasn’t clear what that was going to be at first.

I do feel like I have a real clear purpose, and if someone would have told me that I was going to be doing this, I probably would have passed out or puked or something. It would have been too much to take in.

BI: You’re known for your dedication to a positive lifestyle. How is that reflected in the work you do?

A.W.K.: The core of all of it is the same thing — that good feeling, whether you call it joy or positive energy or just being cheered up. To me it’s a real physical sensation that confirms that you’re meant to be alive. Not even that it’s just good to be alive, but that you’re meant to be alive. I want to feel that myself and feel it with as many people as possible.

BI: You’ve talked about how your dreams have come true. What’s the secret?

A.W.K.: When I look back and see how things were realized, it seems like my actions had very little to do with it.

Of course I had to record an album or play a show, there was physical effort involved in that. But I could have played a show or recorded an album, and that doesn’t mean that all these things would necessarily happen.

It seemed to me more that what I thought were dreams that had come true, now I think were predictions that came true, or a preview that I was being shown. Like: “OK, get ready, because you’re going to end up doing this.”

It seems like your dreams are your own spirit, your own soul, telling you what you’re meant to do and getting you psyched up with the idea of thinking that it was your idea all along.

There’s been some events that were just so unlikely, there was no logical reason that they happened — the synchronicities and good fortune.

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