Breibart Talks to Andrew About Partying and Politics

Exclusive: Andrew W.K. – ‘Being Unhinged Is Underrated’ | By Kipp Jones | Breibart

Andrew W.K. found mainstream success in 2001 with the release of his album I Get Wet, which included the singles “It’s Time to Party,” “Party Hard,” and “She Is Beautiful.” He has since taken on motivational speaking, producing, and writing on the way to a new venture into politics.

His political party is currently seeking recognition from the U.S. State Department, but he says there is no shortage of people interested in joining him.

While it would be easy to write off Andrew W.K. as a dreamer with his head in the clouds, that would be a miscalculation of his intellect and character. The rocker, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and culture commentator spoke with Breitbart News this week for an exclusive interview about his political endeavor, adding he’s a “actually a big fan of Breitbart.”

As the 2016 race for the White House has progressed, conventional thinking has been turned on its head. Enter Andrew W.K., who is the product of an educated and cultured background, and embodies a blend of Western and Eastern philosophies regarding life, love, politics, and of course, partying.

While he has appeared on Fox News Channel’s Red Eye dozens of times since its launch in 2007 under Greg Gutfeld, and has joined numerous other outlets as a commentator, he won’t pretend to fully comprehend the complexities of the American political machine.

He also can’t quite put his finger on what motivated him to launch his own political party — other than a simple desire to help mend fences between the people.

“I learn a lot being around other people who are political observers or participants. Whatever area of life I find myself in, I have a lot to learn. I don’t know if I always have something to offer when it comes to political views and perspectives, but I do think I definitely have something to offer in terms of the overall social atmosphere.”

He clarifies: “What I really have to contribute is partying, and I’m happy to offer that if helps improve the conditions for us all.”

Breibart: When you refer to partying, I get the feeling you aren’t simply referring to having a few drinks and going wild. What does partying mean to you?

“It’s a celebratory state of mind,” he says.

While he surrenders partying “certainly can include drugs or alcohol,” he doesn’t necessarily condone or disapprove of it.

“The only requirement to partying is partying itself,” he explains. “To be grateful for the things that bring you joy and to be grateful for life itself, and to pay tribute by keeping those things in mind and actively acknowledging them as you go through your day.”

Further explaining that he feels one can party while doing pretty much anything, he says embracing the party mindset is to adopt a philosophy that can allow you to cope with, adapt to, and overcome anything in front of you, which is something he says can be applied both personally and when observing the state of the country.

“Sometimes over-seriousness in certain areas can be a hindrance to life,” he says, “It’s a fine line to walk, between serious and not-serious. We have to use the right mindset for the particular ends we wish to achieve.”

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