Birthday Mixtape

Recently, master of all-things-party-related, Andrew W.K. set out to collaborate with Franki Chan on a mixtape for the Check Yo Ponytail series. What began simply enough turned into a full-on recording session in the Major Lazer studios, and eventually, Party Tips. Recorded by Franki Chan and Greg Acid Girls, the 70 minute-long mix is a melange of the most powerful party anthems, ranging from headbanger beats to disco tunes that would make even the biggest squares want to take ‘ludes. Catch A.W.K. distributing advice this Tuesday’s installment of LA’s monthly Check Yo Ponytail 2 party. It’s at the Echoplex and Wavves and Trash Talk will be there too.

Released on Andrew’s birthday, May 9, 2011! Andrew has declared the mixtape a “party favor” to all of his friends! Enjoy it HERE!

See for yourself on Twitter HERE!

RT @TheFADER HAPPY BDAY, ANDREW WK! Here’s a @checkyoponytail mixtape for tomorrow’s party