Billboard Talks To Andrew About Uniting The Human Race Through Partying

Andrew talks to Billboard Magazine about recording his new album, touring “I Get Wet” on it’s 10th Anniversary, and his mission to unite the human race through partying! Enjoy an excerpt below and continue reading here.

“The ‘Party Hard’ rocker tells that he has ‘a huge amount of material’ he’s been working on for not one but possibly two new albums. ‘I’ve been even more recently working on a very focused, proper rock ‘n’ roll album,’ W.K. adds. ‘I will resume that work as soon as I get back to New York in June, so in the summer I’ll be recording this new album and hopefully get it done as quick as possible without rushing. It just takes a long time to record in this manner I’ve chosen to work in, not really having a band play but just (recording) one instrument at a time. So it takes time, but it’s worth it. The results justify the means for me.'”