Big Brother Interview

One of Andrew’s very first interviews was with the infamous Big Brother Skateboarding magazine. The interview was conducted by the legendary Chris Nieratko (of Jackass and New Jersey skateboard fame), and is now available on his official website.
Click HERE.

Q: “Tell me your best party experience.”
A: “When I think of a party, I think of doing whatever you want to do. It’s not an event that happens once. It’s an all-inclusive, all-the-time thing. It’s like running around in a circle as fast as you can. To me, it means running around in a circle real fast, or just dancing, and no-holds-barred fucking. Not afraid of looking stupid. Not afraid of anything and just doing what you want to do right then. And like the music should be as loud and as moving and as fun and fast and hard and heavy as possible because why be half-assed about it?”

Q: “Do you do a lot of crack when you’re at parties?”
A: “No, I’ve been doing the cocaine as of late, but I find that it makes me extremely angry about a day later.”