Back To Back Interviews With Purple Revolver

Purple Revolver catches up with Andrew for a 2 part interview in London before his first of a series of gigs in the UK. They talk wrestling, heroes, motivational speaking and bloody noses. There was also the presentation of a giant “party hard” cookie. Enjoy an excerpt below, take a gander at a photo of said cookie, and continue reading!

Purple Revolver: We told our mums we were coming to meet you today and they didn’t know who you are, can you do the introductions?

Andrew W.K.: Yes! Hello Mothers, my name is Andrew WK and I am a rock and roll musician. I imagine you’re familiar with the rock and roll style it’s very intense with a lot of volume, a lot of energy and even possible violence, but with me it’s all cheerful … and that’s what I try to tell people.

I meet people of course, all the time who have no idea of what I do and they’re familiar often-times with rock and roll and sometimes even with Heavy Metal but what I try to really get across to them is that this is very cheerful, very cheerful, and it’s not just in how we deliver it, the music itself, the melodies, the chord changes, is a cheerful sound and I always wanted this to be a family affair.

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