Australian Party Mixtapes, Photos, Interviews And More

Andrew just finished his One-Man-Party Tour of Australia! Andrew played solo headlining dates in Australia and performed solo sets at the Groovin The Moo Festival! Enjoy the best and freshest reviews and photos from the press and media. The most recent entries are on top. PARTY HARD!

Circle Square Triangle – “PHOTOS: Andrew W.K.

Beat – “Andrew W.k. At The Corner.

Big Pond – “Andrew W.K. – Groovin The Moo Interview.

The Sunday Morning Herald – “The End Of Summer Show That Grooved and ‘Moo-ved.’

WA Today – “Party Hard: Andrew W.K.

Faster Louder – “Andrew W.K. Aleister X, Scraps At The Zoo, Brisbane, May 9th.

Caught In The Mosh – “Andrew W.K. – Brisbane, May 9th.

Russh Magazine – “Andrew W.K.

Everguide – “Andrew W.K. Tells Us What His Deal Is.

Faster Louder – “Photos: Andrew W.K. At The Standard. May 10th.

This Is What Happens When You Start Paying Attention – “The One-Man Party – Andrew W.K.

Cairns – “Festival Review: Groovin The Moo In Townsville.

Faster Louder – “Photos: Andrew W.K. At The Zoo, May 9th. – “Andrew W.K., Aleister X, Scraps – The Zoo.

The AU Review – “Photos: Andrew W.K. + Aleister X – The Zoo, Brisbane.

LifeMusicMedia – “Photo Gallery: Andrew W.K. At The Zoo, Brisbane.

Faster Louder – “Andrew W.K. On Groovin The Moo Show: ‘I’m Not There To Impress People.‘”

Pulse Radio – “Andrew W.K. Bottled In The Head At Groovin The Moo.

Vulture Magazine – “Andrew W.K’s One Man Party Tour @ Corner Hotel.

Triple J – “Watch: Andrew W.K. Bottled At Groovin The Moo.

Faster Louder – “Andrew W.K. At Corner Hotel, May 4th, 2012.

Music Feeds – “Andrew W.K. Gets Bottled At Groovin The Moo Bendigo.

Faster Louder – “Groovin The Moo @ Prince Of Wales Showgrounds.

Alt Music Hub – “Andrew W.K. Groovin The Moo Sideshows.

Time Out – “Andrew W.K. Interview.

The Thousands – “A Mixtape By Andrew W.K.

MX – “Meet The One-Man Party Band.

Triple J – “Special Triple J Take 5 Radio Interview.

Oyster Magazine – “Interview with Andrew W.K.

Faster Louder – “Andrew’s Lazy Sunday Mixtape.

Photo Gallery – “Andrew W.K. at Pier Live.

Music Feeds – “Andrew W.K. At Pier Live On May 2nd, 2012.

Beat – “Andrew W.K. Sideshow.

Music Feeds – “Groovin The Moo 2012 – Andrew W.K. Interview.

Kill Your Stereo – “Andrew W.K. Announces Headline Shows.

Faster Louder – “Andrew W.K. Sideshows.

Metal Obsession – “Andrew W.K. Announces Australian Tour.

Space Ship News – “Andrew W.K.: One-Man-Party Tour May 2012.

Luna Magazine – “Andrew W.K. Set To Groove Down Under.

Everguide – “Andrew W.K.’s One-Man-Party Tour.

Dwarf – “Andrew W.K. One-Man-Party Tour Announced!

Bombshell – “Andrew W.K. Announces Headline Shows.

The AU Review – “Andrew W.K. Announces One-Man-Party Tour.