Austin Success

Andrew was thrilled with the big 2008 Fourth of July party in Austin, Texas! The Independance Day celebration was a total blast and a real boom to boot!

It was a 4th of July blow out!!! A capacity crowd unleashed a patriotic party explosion, only rivaled by the booming fire works earlier that night. The set featured never before heard new songs, as well as A.W.K. favorites.

If you have photos from the show, please post them at Andrew’s Myspace.

Andrew says: “Thank you to each and every person who came out to jam out with me and the world of Austin! It was the craziest and most intense 4th of July I’ve ever had! BANG!”

“Thank you so much to everyone who came out for the party! And thank you to Garrett T. Capps and his crew, who brought out there life size Andrew W.K. solid wood statue! A night like this gives meaning and power to the day – and the next day, and the next night!”