AUDIO: Andrew Talks About the Origins of His Love of Partying

Let’s Party with Andrew W.K. | KNPR 88.9 FM | By Casey Morell

Since coming onto the music scene more than a decade ago, Andrew WK has had one main message: never stop partying.

It’s a common thread in his work – from his music, to his thoughtful advice column in New York’s Village Voice newspaper, to his latest endeavor: politics.

Earlier this year, Andrew formed a political party meant to encourage people to – you guessed it – party.

And, in this tumultuous election season, he’s embarking on a 50 state barnstorming speaking tour called – naturally – The Power of Partying.

That tour stops here in Las Vegas tonight, and we thought we’d talk to the pope of partying about his career, his tour and – well – how best to party.

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Where did your love of partying come from?

Andrew W.K. : I think initially it came from a deep sense of fear about partying and an overwhelming general anxiety about life itself. I found that sometimes confronting those fears not only alleviated them but actually built new capacities, new strengths.

What made you fearful?

Initially, having any kind of interaction with the world at large I felt was rather overwhelming. There was so much to confront. There was so much to consider, so much to observe, so much to potentially do right or do wrong.