AUDIO: Andrew Chats About Movies with Oscilloscope

The kind folks at Oscilloscope recently invited Andrew to be part of the first edition of their Musings Podcast. They paired Andrew up for a chat with Joel Potrykus (Buzzard, Ape) about Faces of Death, Pink Floyd, Lord of the Rings, and other weird movie stuff.

Enjoy the full podcast above or by clicking HERE.

Below is a transcribed excerpt from their conversation:

Joel Potrykus: I’m curious if there are any movies that you were way crazy into in high school. I think that’s where people really get into movies the most.

Andrew W.K.: At that time, I was definitely into trying to find movies. I had a rather primal experience, I believe, my freshman year at a concert that was actually at the University of Michigan campus at some type of auditorium that had a screening room. There were some very confrontational and intense groups/bands playing and that’s why I had gone. But one of the groups specifically, I believe it was called “10,000 Dying Rats” (at least I think that was their name—I believe they’re even still in Michigan, I tried following up with them over the years, I’m sure they’re still active, the members definitely are to some capacity). I remember they were very dedicated. Part of their presentation involved using the projector and the big screen and showing this compilation of movie clips that they had edited together. It was very intense. There’s a lot of clips I was semi-familiar and then there were many that I was unfamiliar with including clips from a movie called Nekromantik. It was probably the most disturbing thing I had ever seen. Part of it was probably taken from – or had the same atmosphere as – this compilation called Faces of Death.

JP: Right. Half of those were so fake, though. Those Faces of Death. I was so into those. But it was always such a bummer, because half of them were re-enactments and stuff.

AWK.: I never really saw any of those films. I was kind of just too scared, to be honest. But I had friends who collected those series and similar series did talk about how half the footage wasn’t real. Which, I guess they were disappointed about.

JP: Yeah, Faces of Death would be like, yeah in the 1700s, they would drag people until their skin ripped off, and then they would show supposed footage from the 1700s before film cameras were even invented. So it was like, c’mon, man. What the hell is up with that?

AWK: You know that’s gotta be fake, in that case then.

JP: But I’ve never heard of Necro—what did you say? Nekromantik?

AWK: Yeah, so anyway, just to give you a sense of the style they were going for, it was definitely in that vein. And one of the clips featured a sort of climactic scene – literally – from Nekromantik, which is a German-made film by a director named Jörg Buttgereit. He made two films in the series called Nekromantik, and then went on to make other films. Nekromantik featured this scene toward the end where this gentleman, the main character of the story, is stabbing himself in the stomach with, I think, a screwdriver, and ejaculating huge amounts of semen and blood.

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