Ask Andrew Live SOLD OUT

On Tuesday, February 13th, 2007, at 8PM, Andrew W.K. appeared live, in-person, to answer one question, in a 20 minute, stream of consciousness lecture. Andrew’s appearance was a special preview to his “Joy Trilogy”, Mondays, March 12, 19, and 26 at The PIT in New York City. February 13th’s 20 minute Q&A was part of “Here’s The Thing”, a night of improv held at The PIT in New York City – 154 West 29th Street, NY NY, 10001 – (212) 563-7488.

THE EVENT WAS SOLD OUT! Thank you to all who bought advance tickets! For those who still wanted to attend, limited standing room was made available. Here’s The PIT’s standing room policy:

Directions for stand by seating: – Show up 30 minutes early (7:30pm) – Put your name on a waiting list. – Wait around. – If there are seats to be released, we will do so in the order of the waiting list. – No additional seating is guaranteed.

Andrew will decided to operate the Q&A by answering one question, submitted by his friends, through the computer. Andrew then selected a question from all of those submitted, and gave his answer live on February 13th.

“I had originally wanted to choose a question in advance,” says Andrew, “and announce it to the public. However, I decided to wait and choose a question on stage, the night of the event, so as to not have any preparation before answering and to allow for maximum spontaneity.”

Andrew continues:

“But then, when I was actually on stage, about to begin the lecture, I realized that by choosing not pick a question in advance, I was still in a way preparing for the lecture. Even not planning in advance was a way of planning in advance.

So, at the last minute I decided to pre-pick the question, on stage, and read through each one and decide which one to answer, rather than my original plan, to not plan a particular question, and to choose one at the last second, randomly.

The question I choose to answer was asked by Kevin Paul. He wrote:

Hi Andrew,

My question is: “why are you so stupid?”

Thanks, Kevin Paul

“Thank you to everyone who’s sent in a question. Many of the questions read were very thought provoking, and I considered all of them to be good questions. I found it challenging to select just one out of all these wonderful ideas. Fortunately, I’ll save all the questions to answer in the future, or to discuss with people at other upcoming events. I’ll make sure there are plenty more opportunities for us to get together and talk about life. In fact, this type of connection and communication is my focus, and like so much in our collective life, it’s only just started.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been fortunate to have a regular advice column in a Japanese music magazine called Rockin’ On. For years I’ve also loved answering questions people wrote me on the computer. I’ve enjoyed these opportunities to engage and communicate in a direct and hopefully helpful way.

These experiences, as well as my recent lecture at New York University, have driven me to create more opportunities to connect and talk with people, and focus more energy on thinking about what life is ‘about’, and how to have as much fun as possible. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I’d like us to keep coming together, sharing our ideas, and doing everything we want to do. I look forward to see the people who come towards this same feeling, as I reach out and talk about the world, as it appears to me, and about the nature of pure fun and pleasure. Love, Andrew W.K.”