AOL: Andrew Talks About His Bloody Nose Album Cover Photograph

Andrew recently spoke with Noisecreep about his infamous album cover art for “I Get Wet” and why he hit himself with a brick for it. Enjoy an excerpt and keep reading at the link below.

“Featuring hit singles ‘Party Hard’ and She Is Beautiful,’ the album sounded like nothing else on modern rock radio back when it was released in the early ’00s. As trailblazing as ‘I Get Wet’ was, its graphic cover art – a photo of a disheveled-looking W.K. with a stream of blood coming out of both his nostrils – also got its lion share of the attention. At the time of its 2001 release, the album’s cover caused controversy in Europe for its supposed endorsement of cocaine. ‘It was definitely not done to promote drug use, or anything like that, but it got a lot of people talking,’ says W.K. a decade later. The story that got around was that W.K. had hit himself in the face with a brick to achieve the album cover art’s bloody display.”

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