Another Aleister X-Mas Free Mixtape! Featuring Andrew and Many More!


This holiday season, Andrew’s deep dark friend, ALEISTER X, has released yet another Christmas audio delight – a spectacular 8-track, genre-bending, multi-disciplinary, cross-holiday, festival of a mixtape! And he’s giving it away to the masses for FREE!

This free Christmas download includes: 3 ALL-NEW Aleister X Xmas songs! Special Holiday Spirit Greetings and Collaborations with BROTHER JT! ANDREW W.K! CHERIE LILY! SICKBOY! and JERRY! A total of 14.5 minutes of QUALITY HOLIDAY SEASON AUDIO ENTERTAINMENT!


Click HERE to download last year’s “Ol Aleister X’s Xmas 2012 Halloday Sabbath Bonus Single.”

Andrew and Aleister X have been working on music and touring together for the past seven years, and the new Holiday download is their latest collaboration!

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